Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Very Late Happy New Year

Well folks, it has been a while.

My life has taken an interesting turn lately, thanks to a six year-old girl.

Shortly before Christmas, I suggested to a friend that he volunteer with ACS for a party for the kids. When my own holiday malaise set in, I took
my own advice. The party was nice. It felt good to give back a little. They convinced me to play Santa for the young ones. (yep. fake beard and all)

At the end of the night, I noticed a little girl sitting by herself. She had a present or two, but looked so sad. I asked her what was wrong. She said
"I can't go to jail anymore". What? I asked her what she meant, and she said "They took me from Mommy and now I can't go see Daddy anymore"
What happened was, this girl had a shunt that went from her head to her abdomen. Someone had hit her in the neck with a ruler and the shunt broke. She didn't start showing neurological symptoms for a day or so after, but when she did, she was at school and the teacher had the girl taken to the E.R.

The E.R. didn't notify ACS. Why? I wish I knew. The child had to have surgery, but she was ok after. The night before she was to be discharged, the girl admitted to her nurse that her mother was the one who hit her. She then said "Mommy's gonna take me to jail today !" The nurse notified ACS
who removed the girl from the home. Now here she was, no family, no friends, none of her toys. It broke my heart. I got friends to pull strings for me. I didn't want this kid to have to be alone. I know there were countless others before her, in similar situations. For some reason, Mari got to me.
I decided to foster her. My sister is home during the day, her kids are in college, she offered to help. So, now my empty house isn't so empty anymore. Mari is intelligent, energetic (boy howdy) and surprisingly well adjusted. She stays with my sister on those nights that all hell breaks loose in the squad. But most times, it's just her and me. It's funny. You CAN miss something you've never had (although usually, you don't realize it until something changes) My ex, well, let's just leave that alone.

Mari is in school again, she seems happy here. I've heard nothing from ACS about her family and can't help but wonder, is it for the best ? (for her. For me, I hope I never hear from them.)

So, that's why it's been so long. Mari is keeping me busy, and I haven't been this content in a long while. She's only been here a few weeks, but it feels like she belongs here. With people who can give her what she needs.
Squad stuff.....

I'm gonna have to post later. Got the Brass on my ass and things have to keep running around here. Thanks everyone, for all your kind words and thoughts.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thank You !

To everyone that sent me instructions for links. They are up (finally), although I linked to myself. %$#^&! computer!

Photos are next on the agenda. Eventually, this will look like a real blog !

I heard that some of my detectives are taking a collection to buy Mike Logan a years supply of Pepto. He says it comes in tablet form now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I can be reached @CaptainCragen@aol.com, for everyone who's been trying to help me sort out links and photos.

Detective Munch has been uncharacteristically quiet lately. Anyone know what's up with him?

Mike, know you like to live dangerously, but really, discount sushi? That's really risking your life (or at least your health and ability to work without subjucting your poor partner to projectile vomit)

More later

Monday, December 19, 2005

How long does it take this thing to update?

I may be wasting my time here. At least no one is going to tell me to get back...hold on, phone. "Yes sir, I understand"

Anyway... more later (hopefully)

Once this day is over...

I hope I'll get some time to take another look at this thing to change settings, do e-mail, etc.

Mike, maybe Liz would be the better one to talk to about the stuff you've got going on.

Liv, it is depressing, the depraved things people do to kids. I read an article today about kids who buy their own webcams to chat with friends and and up with pay-pal accounts so pedophiles and NAMBLA freaks can coach the kids from their own homes, how and what to do (with their folks in the next room) Life is stranger than fiction.

Detective Goren, is there anything that can be used to get that boy out of that house? I share your disgust and I too, think this is a form of abuse, teaching hate.

Friday, December 16, 2005

As soon as I can figure it out...

I appreciate the help and will get to e-mailing some of you fine folks tomorrow, I did try to link, but wasn't successful. *$&! computers !

I'll also be changing settings to allow for non-bloggers to comment. It's been a rough day, the kind that makes me almost want to reach for the Absolut. One day at a time.

Mike, what did you do to yourself? You need to stop hitting. By the way, I like the "Overworked Zoo keeper" Nice. Seriously though, can you try to behave? I was so happy to hear that you were back from exile. Don't ... just don't.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Heard from a friend today...

Brian Cassidy called me today. He's still in narcotics and is doing fine. He asked me to say hello to his friends here at SVU. I told him he was missed last night. He did want to know who Munch was tormenting these days. I told him John's partner could give as good as he got.

Oh, and Mike, My money is on Olivia in the mudwrestling match.

Also, if anyone could tell me how to set up links, I'd appreciate it.

Can anyone help?

Ok, so I'm not as computer savvy as I'd like to be. How do I post my photo to the top of this blog thing?

You asked for it, you got it

Ok, so people have been saying I should do this. Here goes....

In between dealing with brass and a squad of unruly detectives, I probably won't get to do this on a daily basis like SOME people.

Don't get me wrong, I like the people I work with, even if the PTB's don't always agree with their methods of getting their jobs done. I can't think of any group more dedicated to justice than the gang I have the privelege of working with, despite the occasional comments and criticisms from the rat squad.

Elliott... This man works from his gut. Sees the victims as only a father can. Occasionally, it does get him into trouble.

Olivia... works from empathy. Much has been said about her history, so I feel no need to expound. She's an asset to the profession.

Fin... private and in his own way, more cynical than Munch. He just doesn't advertise it.

John... what can I say about the man that won't make him paranoid or give him an ego trip? Profound knowledge of deviant behavior (his own and everyone else's) Occasionally his consipracy theories prove useful. Underneath it all, I suspect he's a bit of a softie.

George Huang... the good doctor is part of the team. He may not think so, but we all appreciate him (even Elliott)

Casey Novak... It must have been tough for her to take over for Alex. She's handled it well. She may be tough, but she is ethical and can appreciate the mitigating circumstances some perps face. And, she's done wonders for our softball team.

Myself... I've been at this job a long time and have had to fall on my sword a few times for the sake of my team. I've never regretted doing it. I miss my friend Lennie. He and I went back a long way, and he won't be forgotten.